Measuring qubit stability in a gate-based NISQ hardware processor

Yeter-Adeniz K, Parks Z, Nair Thekkiniyedath A, Gustafson E, Kemper AF, Pooser RC, Meurice Y, Dreher P
Quantum Information Processing (2023) 22:96


Some of the most problematic issues that limit the implementation of applications on noisy intermediate-scale quantum machines are the adverse impacts of both incoherent and coherent errors. We conducted an in-depth study of coherent errors on a quantum hardware platform using a transverse-field Ising model Hamiltonian as a sample user application. We report here on the results from these computations using several error mitigation protocols that profile these errors and provide an indication of the qubit stability. Through a detailed set of measurements, we identify inter-day and intra-day qubit calibration drift and the impacts of quantum circuit placement on groups of qubits in different physical locations on the processor. This paper also discusses how these measurements can provide a better understanding of these types of errors and how they may improve efforts to validate the accuracy of quantum computations.