Evaluating robust entanglement on a trapped ion platform

Hamilton K, Yeter-Aydeniz K, Zhao L, Francis A, Cooley H, Barron G, Economou S, Kang M, Morris T, Laanait N, Kemper AF, Pooser R
Proceedings of IEEE QCE 2023


We present proof of principle results for evaluating an entanglement volumetric benchmark on trapped ion plat- forms. The benchmark quantifies the robustness of multipartite and bipartite entanglement using stabilizer measurements and witness functions. Each n-qubit graph state is prepared and used to evaluate n state-specific stabilizer strings. These stabilizer measurements are used to evaluate entanglement witness func- tions. The entanglement benchmark defines families of graph states associated with an initial sub-graph of the hardware qubit connectivity – with all-to-all connectivity, trapped ion systems provide a flexibility in the choice of this initial graph, and this will affect the associated family. In this work we present results targeting several classes of entangled states: 1)1-D cluster states, 2) n-qubit GHZ states, and 3) cycle graph states. These states have been found in the literature as standard hardware benchmarks, and have connections to many near-term applications.