2020 NC Museum of Natural Sciences Teen Science Cafe

At the beginning of the pandemic, we switched to all virtual, all the time. Lex had the honor to be the first virtual Teen Science Cafe at the Museum. This is now a standing feature at the Museum.

2018 NC State University PhysicsPhest

Lex gave a talk entitled “From Dirt to Donuts – A brief history of Solid State Physics” at the Physics Department’s 2018 PhysicsFest.

2018 Invisible Worlds

In 2018, the Colleges of Sciences and Design at NC State partered with The Leading Strand to create beautiful, science-inspired interactive artworks centered around the theme of making the invisible visible. We worked with a team led by Victoria Chi in the Design school, who produced amazing visual representations of what you can do and learn by slowing down to where you see individual electrons move.

2017 Teen Science Cafe in Whiteville, NC

As part of the Museum's Teen Science Cafe, Lex visited and talked about the intersection of modern physics and daily life.

2016 ‘Meet me at the Museum’ in Whiteville, NC

The talk was entitled “Quantum Mechanics and You: How Modern Physics Intersects with Your Daily Life." He brought the floating superconductor demo (seen in the picture), and talked about modern physics that you see every day! The local newspaper even wrote a nice article about it.

2016 Night at the Museum

As a part of the 2016 North Carolina Science Festival, Lex demonstrated some of the microscopic aspects of materials science using magnets. Both adults and kids are amazed by magnetism!

2015 ORaCEL Educational Outreach

On October 2, 2015, a group of high school students from Triangle Math and Science Academy of Cary, NC came to visit the labs in Partners III for the ORaCEL outreach program. Lex gave the opening talk, introducing materials physics in general and ORaCEL specifically.